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Video Interviews are a hot-topic in the recruiting industry these days.  For one, it allows Hiring Managers to conduct a live interview at a convenient time for them, as well as for the candidate, without having to push aside daily duties.  It is also quite cost effective when the candidate isn’t local as they won’t have to be flown in until you are pretty sure they are the person you are interested in hiring.

But what about pre-recorded video interviews?  They can be a buffer between a phone interview and a face-to-face interview.  It can be extremely helpful with screening candidates and weeding out the ones that you feel certain are not the right fit.  It can also tell you about a person’s communication skills and some of their personality without having to schedule a face to face interview.  So both time and money are saved as well.

How do they work?  Quite simply actually.  Some staffing and recruitment agencies, like Recruitment Intelligence, have the ability to provide this service to you at no additional cost.  All you have to do is provide four to five knock-out questions that you would like the candidates to answer.  Usually you start with an introduction, “Please state your name and give a brief background on your experience.”  From there you can ask as technical of a question as you like.  Some might want the candidate to speak about specific experience with a certain software package.  Others may ask a situational question to see how you would handle a certain scenario.  Whatever types of questions you choose, they will be used so that you are able to make a quick determination of whether or not it makes sense to keep that candidate in the hiring process.

It’s truly a great way to save time, money and resources.  You can watch them on your own time through your computer at work, at home, on your cell phone or even a tablet.  As a recruiter, you can now focus more on interviewing the viable candidates instead of spending a ton of time on screening them.  If you are a Hiring Manager, you can finally take time to interview candidates face-to-face that you know meet at least a few required skills that you need to see.

The recruitment process is usually long and costly as it is.  Why not use the technology that is readily available to help lessen some of that burden?

I know our clients love it and I am sure you would too.


About Recruitment Intelligence™ 

The Recruitment Intelligence™, a division of ARC Group, provides a solution that empowers companies by giving them access to the 85% of candidates not actively seeking employment (passive candidates). Clients receive a full report that compiles real-time market analytics including salary and benefits data, both on a local and national scale, as well as recorded video interviews of qualified candidates. Our research based talent mapping solution is perfect for companies of all sizes and is a refreshing alternative to typical Recruitment Agencies. We handle searches in all major cities, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Boston, New York City, Washington, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, etc. No matter what your hiring needs, we can help you secure the talent you would never get access to through running ads alone.

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