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Every job interview I have been a part of, whether trying to get a job for myself or helping a candidate prepare for an interview, the one constant is the interviewer asking the candidate if they have any questions.  While it is important to do your research on the company and understand their values and business model, it is even more important to have a few questions prepared for the interviewer.  When asked “do you have any questions?” the last thing you want to reply with is “no.”

Here are a few questions you can ask, in your own words, when the time is right: 

  1. What do you feel are some of the competitive advantages your organization has over other companies?This is what one would consider a “high level” question.  Even if you already know the answer, go ahead and ask anyway.  The interviewer’s response will tell you a lot about their opinion of the company.  Not only that but you may gain some knowledge about other companies you were interested in or just solidify your interest in this particular company.
  2. What % of the management/leadership of the organization are “home grown” versus externally hired?This question will accomplish a couple of things.  First it will let you know if the company promotes internally, which is important for your career growth, but also, it is important to know that the leadership is also hired externally as well.  This is important because you also want people at the “helm of the ship” who have other experiences they can bring to the table.  This will ensure decisions are based on past outside experiences.  Very strong organizations usually have a good mix of both.
  3. What are some of the short and long range objectives of the department, and how would achieving those goals impact the overall organization? Again, this is a high level question that will show you have the “big picture” in mind.  Companies tend to like people that have an interest in obtaining and/or exceeding goals to positively influence the entire organization.

While there are many other high level questions that can be asked during an interview, these three, or some variation of them, should be good enough to help you stand out from the competition.  In a future blog post we will touch base on tough questions that you may be asked and some ideas on how to respond.

Our hope is that if you follow these tips you will feel more confident and comfortable when starting your next interview and ultimately get the job you desire.  We will have more tips for you next week, please check back to our blog, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be automatically notified of our next post!   Happy Interviewing…


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