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For decades, recruitment agencies all across the country have basically been doing the same thing to help fill job openings.  They would receive a job order from a client that is struggling to fill a position.  Then they put the job in the weekly classified ads hoping to attract people that were looking for a new opportunity.  Maybe they would network with people in their client’s industry to see if someone could refer the right person to them.  They may have even developed a list of similar companies as your client so they could cold call directly into them and find the person that is currently doing the job they were trying to fill.  Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Guess what?  Nothing has changed.  Well, some things have changed but mainly only the avenue of which a recruiter would go about this process.  Instead of putting a job opening in the now dying classified ads in a never read newspaper, they are posting on job boards on the internet.  Instead of going to a networking event (although some still do), they network through social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  I know at least some still cold call into similar companies because I still do it.  But in the end, technology is allowing staffing agencies to work through the same tried and true processes only in a different manner.

Essentially the process works and has worked for decades.  There are no magic pills someone could put into a microwave and, POOF, the perfect candidate is born.  About the only thing that has changed in recent times is the way in which a recruitment agency posts a job or networks to find the right candidates.  With the advancement of technology and specifically the internet, it is easier than ever to find, and talk to, people that you would have never had an opportunity to do so with before.

With that said, social media is currently one of the hottest trends in technology.  Every day hundreds of millions of people, in the US alone, visit social media sites on their computer or through an application on their phone.  The largest ones are Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter but seemingly every year a new social media website goes online and becomes ridiculously popular.

Due to the enormous popularity of the social media sites, recruitment agencies and corporate recruiters are more and more starting to implement social media recruiting.  And due to the advancement of search engines, a recruiter can hone in on almost any skill set they are looking for in a candidate.  Essentially, looking for the right person or someone that may know the right person, is getting easier and easier by the day.  Unfortunately people are still leery about being recruited when they already have a job in fear their current employer will find out.  But if you are smart about your approach and keep your conversation in confidence, a recruitment agency can help those working professionals obtain a new opportunity that would be better for them while keeping your client happy.

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