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Your resume is a powerful tool when applying for a job; a representation of your past experience, skills, references, education and more. When it comes to formatting your resume, your options are wide open. Even resume templates offer a range of options when it comes to the presentation of a resume.

While you want your resume to be unique and to stand out, there are certain resume tips you should follow to ensure that your resume has the right effect in the hands of a potential employer. You have to realize that employers see tons of resumes for job openings, especially these days, so you want your resume to offer the correct first impression.

One Page Rule

Many people think they have to go by the age old rule of having their entire background on one page. While you don’t have to keep your resume to one page, it is advised to keep it to a minimum.  The Hiring Manager will likely have a stack of resumes to go through so try and keep your resume condensed if possible.

Your skills and experience need to be highlighted, short and to the point. Keeping everything condensed to just a page or three is one of the most important resume tips for you to follow.  A Hiring Manager will not typically examine every aspect of your resume upon first glance so you need to make sure you have the relevant information front and center.

Everyone has different selling points when it comes to their resumes. Some people have more extensive education sections, while others have more job experience to list that is related to the position in which they are applying.  Education background is usually very important but most times there is not a need to go into too much detail about your school activities and clubs you were a part of in college.


Building a resume is just as much about avoiding mistakes as it is ensuring all the proper information is listed on the sheet of paper. While you do want to be concise, you also have to balance this out with specificity when it comes to certain parts of your resume.

As a matter of fact, specificity has nothing to do with adding extra words. For example, when describing your duties at a former employer, don’t be vague. You want to give a representation of what you did for the company and why it was important.

Duties vs Accomplishments

It’s important to describe your job duties in a unique manner as mentioned. Job duties are a major part of your resume, but people often get wrapped up in job duties and forget to focus on listing accomplishments. Accomplishments show how you stood out while performing those job duties.

Action Verbs

The use of action verbs is very attention getting.  For example, instead of putting “was responsible for 15 employees,” you should put “supervised 15 employees.” Look for ways to start sentences or phrases contained in your resume with action verbs. They are very authoritative and show confidence.

Building a winning resume is not difficult if you know the hindrances that many have experienced before you. Using these resume tips that have pointed you in the right direction, it’s time for you to land that job.


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