30 Quick Job Search Tips That People Commonly Forget

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  1. Use staffing agencies, temp agencies, recruiting agencies or executive search firms to help find jobs which best match your skills
  2. First impressions are made within 30 seconds
  3. Don’t limit yourself to online job boards and applications
  4. Take advantage of your connections
  5. If you’re not on Linkedin, it’s very difficult to be found
  6. Write a thank-you email and a handwritten card
  7. Bring three copies of your resume to an interview
  8. Remove “To Whom it May Concern” from your resume and cover letter
  9. Don’t say anything negative about your previous employer
  10. Network around your industry
  11. Use niche job boards focused on your industry
  12. You cover letter should complement your resume
  13. Apply for jobs you’re qualified for
  14. Follow company social media accounts
  15. Research the company before going in for an interview
  16. Show examples of your work
  17. Always be nice to the receptionist
  18. People want to hire people they want to spend time with
  19. Avoid burning bridges
  20. Dress for success
  21. Arrive early to your interview
  22. Be authentic and upbeat
  23. Ask insightful questions
  24. Remember to sell yourself In the interview
  25. Create your online career brand
  26. Consider doing information interviews
  27. Follow-up with hiring managers after your interview
  28. Ask questions at the interview
  29. Customize your resume
  30. Apply for jobs you’re genuinely interested in

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