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If you hold a position that requires skill, education, talent, experience or any combination of the four, you have heard the buzz term “sourcing” or perhaps “talent acquisition.”  You might wonder when your phone call from a recruiter is coming, what it would to take for you to leave your job, and what you would say.

If you have employees whom you value, maybe you are also waiting for that call and worrying if your employees are truly fulfilled in your company enough to say, “No thank you.”

With so much negativity around Passive Candidate Recruiting—the process of using a professional to contact currently employed people to fill open positions—it is important to discontinue the use of certain words like “poaching” and “stealing.”  For one, employees are neither wild animals with assets just roaming around unwittingly nor are they possessions.  Our workforce is a living machine that constantly evolves.

Evolution is a better word to keep in mind when discussing Passive Candidate Recruiting.  Here in America, we have a dream to do better than the generation before us.  To be faster, stronger, smarter, and more efficient.  When workers move up the workforce ladder, their lower positions go to other candidates who then might move up themselves.  So really, the dream works from the bottom up.   But there has to be mobility.

So the real enemy is stagnation.  In the last decade, workers’ wages have had very weak growth—about 10%.  Because of this trend, many workers fear losing what they have. They don’t want to ask for a raise or different agreement.  With the connectivity of the Internet and social media, workers don’t dare even browse job search sites or contact a recruitment agency for fear that they will rock the employment boat they sit in.

And thus, nobody on the ladder moves.  And the American Dream stalls.

With Passive Candidate Recruiting, a savvy recruiter is able to extend the hand of opportunity without an employee taking the risk of searching.  Likewise, when an employee contributes his or her information to a Talent Map—a grid of qualified people in a geographic area—employers can foresee changes they can make in the future and plan for mobility.  And thus, the workforce evolves.

Even America itself agrees that competition for candidates is within the country’s best interests.  In 2010, the Department of Justice ruled that the agreement between certain companies including Apple, Intel, and Google, not to contact each other’s employees about opportunities violated anti-trust laws.  The ruling freed up the ladder so that those workers could advance.

As the world becomes more connected, the workforce will continue to evolve.  Talent Maps will replace the blind gamble of job searching and upward mobility will be a right rather than a privilege.

About Recruitment Intelligence™ 

The Recruitment Intelligence™, a division of ARC Group, provides a solution that empowers companies by giving them access to the 85% of candidates not actively seeking employment (passive candidates). Clients receive a full report that compiles real-time market analytics including salary and benefits data, both on a local and national scale, as well as recorded video interviews of qualified candidates. Our research based talent mapping solution is perfect for companies of all sizes and is a refreshing alternative to typical Recruitment Agencies. We handle searches in all major cities, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Boston, New York City, Washington, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, etc. No matter what your hiring needs, we can help you secure the talent you would never get access to through running ads alone.

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