How to Prepare for an Interview with Recruitment Agencies, Staffing Firms or Executive Search Firms

When you have interviews at recruitment agencies and staffing firms, preparation is key. Researching and understanding the company you’re working for will make you stand out over other candidates. Even more importantly, it shows your genuine interest in the company and that you really want the job. Here’s our recommendations on how to best prepare.

Research the company and the recruiting agency that represents them. Review the company’s website. Read Google’s “News” section about the company as well as the “News” section on the company’s website. Take notes on their current projects and how your skills apply to them. Find out the company’s CEO and executives; research their histories on LinkedIn. Prior to interviewing, ask for the team you’ll be joining and research the team members on LinkedIn. At the interview, point out that you’ve researched the company and their team. Highlight how your background meshes with their team. Mention their projects you read about and how your skills can be applied to them. Even if you won’t be working directly on those projects, it’s a value-add and shows you’re flexible and can contribute to many different areas.

Analyze the job description. As any recruitment agency or executive search firm will tell you, match your skills to the job description. Bring a list of specific examples to the interview and summarize this at the top of your resume. Bring several copies of your resume to the interview just in case they decide to have you meet more people.

Read about interview guidelines, responses to common interview questions, and what not to say at an interview, all of which you can find online. Here are a few examples: When a staffing agency, or recruiting firm, asks your weaknesses, do not mention that you work too hard. Discussions of money, health benefits and vacation policies should be reserved for later because talking about these details in the first interview sometimes turns off employers. Write down a few questions to ask the interviewer. Mentioning questions related to specific projects you read about is even better.

Plan your attire. Conservative business clothes with professional shoes is best. If you’re told business casual, leaning on the more formal side is recommended. Have your clothes ironed and pressed and bring a padfolio to take notes.

Following our advice, you should be all set for your interview. Show up at least 10 minutes early. Allow extra time for traffic and locating the building. End the interview with a follow-up thank you note the next day and you’re all set!


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