Benefits of Working with Executive Search Firms and Staffing Agencies


Specialization – Recruiting agencies and executive search firms have experience placing many people over the years. They know where to source candidates from and ask the important questions to see if the candidate is the right fit. Staffing agencies will also run background checks and follow up with references. A good recruitment firm will have a proven track record of success and usually offer a guaranteed replacement period too.

Saves Time – Hiring people can be time consuming, especially when a company has to sort through many un-qualified applicants responding to job ads online. This takes away time and focus from the company’s current projects. Hiring a recruiter will allow company management to focus on what they do best and let them only spend time interviewing the best-fitting candidates.

Screening – Executive search firms will conduct preliminary interviews before they present you a candidate. They will fact-check the resume and ask detailed questions about the role the person played inside the company. If there are any job requirements not mentioned in the resume, a recruiting agency will find out if the candidate has those skills but happened to not list them in their resume.

Access to the Best – Recruitment agencies will have access to the best talent in the market. Recruitment firms will have their own database of candidates to source from. Many of these candidates will not be submitting their resumes to job ads online because they’re too busy being successful at their current company and not actively looking. Recruiting agencies will call candidates at competing companies and convince them to consider taking a career change. If a company did this themselves, not only would it damage their brand but it would most likely take longer as well because they have other duties and priorities other than just recruit. Many times a staffing agency will bring you more qualified candidates and do it faster than a company can do themselves.

About Recruitment Intelligence™ 

The Recruitment Intelligence™, a division of ARC Group, provides a solution that empowers companies by giving them access to the 85% of candidates not actively seeking employment (passive candidates). Clients receive a full report that compiles real-time market analytics including salary and benefits data, both on a local and national scale, as well as recorded video interviews of qualified candidates. Our research based talent mapping solution is perfect for companies of all sizes and is a refreshing alternative to typical Recruitment Agencies. We handle searches in all major cities, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Boston, New York City, Washington, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, etc. No matter what your hiring needs, we can help you secure the talent you would never get access to through running ads alone.


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