For decades the recruitment industry has remained largely untouched in the methodologies used to find and place candidates for companies.  Typically when a company engages with a staffing or employment agency, they agree to one of two types of contracts; contingency or retained.  With a contingency contract, the company agrees to pay a fee usually between 25-30% of the candidate’s first year salary should the recruitment agency provide the candidate that gets hired.  In a retained search, a company will agree to give a staffing agency an exclusive right to work on the search while paying the same fee agreement but broken up in three payments.  One third to start, one third upon receiving a short list of candidates and the final third upon hire.  As you can imagine, the fees for either of these services can be quite costly, usually five figures.

That’s where Recruitment Intelligence comes in to play.  Over the years, our clients have expressed a desire to use a recruitment agency without having to pay a high fee as not every company has the budget to do so.  That’s why we developed a research recruitment solution that specifically targets passive candidates for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.  This has allowed companies of all sizes to use a staffing agency whereas before some couldn’t afford to do so.

Imagine this scenario.  You are searching on a job board’s resume database for a tough-to-fill position.  The database provides a handful of active candidate’s resumes that seem to be close to what you are looking for so you call them.  Once engaged, you realize that one or two are a match but the others miss the mark for one reason or another.  During your screening efforts of the qualified candidates you learn one was let go due to an economic downturn and the other left their job because of issues with upper management.  Neither are in ideal situations, but because of pressure, you hire one with a worrying thought that your new hire will eventually leave and you are back to square one.

Now imagine this scenario.  You are again searching on a job board’s resume database for the same position.  Instead of receiving a handful of resumes of people looking for jobs that may or may not be a match for your position, you receive a list of people that are doing the same position at your competitors and other companies of interest in that particular market. They aren’t actively looking for a new job but might be open to making a move for the right opportunity. Not only do you receive most people’s contact information but you also get a brief write up that expresses the reason for their desire to make a change, their experience level in the aforementioned position as well as the compensation and benefits they receive from their current employer.  You love the fact that each of these people are currently working and being successful instead of whatever reason they aren’t employed, even if its justified.

That’s essentially what Recruitment Intelligence does for you.  When you engage Recruitment Intelligence, you are partnering with a company that understands that while there are some good candidates that are actively seeking new opportunities for one reason or another, the best candidates are usually the ones that are not looking but would be open to hearing about a new opportunity.  In the recruiting industry, the active candidates make up roughly 15% of the available people that most staffing agencies target.  Wouldn’t you like to target the other 85% that most staffing agencies do not target?

The process is simple.  You tell us what position it is you are trying to fill, provide a job description and some details about the position and company, provide a list of companies you want us to target or ones you want us to stay away from.  Then we perform a cold calling campaign directly into those companies of interest to identify and speak with the person that is currently doing the position you are trying to fill.  Once we engage those potential candidates we will screen them for the information you need to determine if someone is a viable candidate or not.  Even if they aren’t interested in a new opportunity, we still do our best to gather competitive information that will be valuable to your organization.

Once we have an interested and qualified candidate, we then provide them to you quickly so you can contact them while they are thinking about a new opportunity.  When the search is complete, we provide to you a full report of everyone we identified, whether we spoke with them or not, any information we were able to obtain.  You will also receive pre-recorded video interviews of those interested candidates that have the experience you are looking for so you can determine if you like them before ever having to talk to them.  This will save you time, money and resources.  If you have an applicant tracking system (ATS) we can also provide a full report in a format that you can easily import so you don’t have to worry about time for data entry.

All of this is charged on an hourly basis and is a fraction of what you would normally pay when using traditional recruiting methods like contingency and retained searches.  Did I mention that there are no extra fees if you make a hire?  Did I also mention that you can hire one, two or ten people and there are still no extra charges?

Now imagine telling your boss that you just hired 4 top people from some of your competitors while saving your company tens of thousands of dollars.  That wouldn’t be a bad conversation to have.


About Recruitment Intelligence™ 

The Recruitment Intelligence™, a division of ARC Group, provides a solution that empowers companies by giving them access to the 85% of candidates not actively seeking employment (passive candidates). Clients receive a full report that compiles real-time market analytics including salary and benefits data, both on a local and national scale, as well as recorded video interviews of qualified candidates. Our research based talent mapping solution is perfect for companies of all sizes and is a refreshing alternative to typical Recruitment Agencies. We handle searches in all major cities, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Boston, New York City, Washington, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, etc. No matter what your hiring needs, we can help you secure the talent you would never get access to through running ads alone.

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