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Recruitment Intelligence™, a research recruitment solution, is revolutionizing the way companies acquire their most valuable resource: People. As they say, “knowledge is power,” and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve developed a recruitment strategy that empowers employers to gain access to the 85% of passive candidates in the market.

Recruitment Intelligence™ is enabling companies of all sizes to secure the data necessary to hire the most qualified professionals in the market place, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruitment agencies and staffing firms.
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RETHINK – Your Hiring Strategy

What is your current and best recruitment strategy when you need people talent?
If you are like most companies, you probably post job advertisements on the web or reach out to social media sites in the hope that the right candidate will apply. Unfortunately, many of the resumes submitted are unqualified, causing businesses to waste time screening the wrong applicants and candidates.

The trouble that most hiring managers face when using these traditional recruiting methods is that they are only accessing 15% of the marketplace. These 15% of candidates are often unemployed and/or unqualified.

What’s even more staggering is that there are over 4 million jobs posted online every month, with an average of 300 candidates applying to each posting. Out of all those applicants, a very small percentage of individuals are actually qualified for the job openings the employers are seeking to fill.

This is simply a waste of your company’s time and money.

REDEFINE – Your Hiring Strategy

ARC Group, a national recruitment agency and the parent company of Recruitment Intelligence™, has been an industry leader for over 30 years. Having worked with companies large and small, in the full-time, contract and temp-to-hire recruiting sectors, ARC Group maintains a wealth of hiring experience. Our clients have communicated the need for a more cost-effective alternative to recruit passive candidates in the market. We have listened.
The Recruitment Intelligence™ research recruitment solution empowers you by providing:
A report that focuses heavily on the passive candidates in the market: The 85%. These candidates are individually identified, contacted, and pre-screened based on your job requirements.
This gives you access to recruiting passive candidates who are not actively seeking new employment. These are the individuals who are too busy performing for other companies, and are unaware of the superior opportunities your business can provide.
Complete profiles and resumes of all interested candidates. This includes candidates who may not be ready to pursue another opportunity today, but will be at a later date. These profiles and resumes are sorted by their percentage-match to your company’s specific job requirements.
Accessibility to this data provides a competitive advantage for our clientele. Not only are you able to consider candidates for your current requirements, but you can also utilize this information to make multiple hires throughout the year, bringing your cost-per-hire down to a fraction of what traditional staffing firms charge.

Rediscover – Your Hiring Strategy

It’s time to Rethink your recruitment strategy, Redefine your approach, and Rediscover what the most effective recruiting strategies are with Recruitment Intelligence™.
Our research recruitment solution will save you money without sacrificing candidate quality.
Temp Contract Permanent
Our candidate screening saves you time by vetting only the top professionals in the market, giving you more time to focus on the bottom line instead of paying high recruitment fees that most employment agencies charge.

Target the difficult-to-find passive candidates
Provide you with real-time salary & benefit analytics
Exclusive video interview platform
Billed hourly, avoiding large fees
You own the report, enabling you to make multiple hires in the future, at no additional cost

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